The Physics of Possibilities

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Do you want your mind blown without dying?  Then you need to learn more about the physics of possibilities.  To unlock it, you first need to know what quantum physics is.


Cole’s Notes Version

Quantum physics is the physics of possibilities.

So what is possibility?

Possibilities for consciousness to choose from.

Possibility coupled with possibilities will give us more possibilities. Never actuality.

Just like ego is a choice.  It’s false dilemma that is imposed upon ourselves by our experiences.

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Amit Goswami is the man behind this simple description of quantum physics.

I know there’s no such thing as the term “genius,” because we all have epic inside us…but this guy is tapping his inner …super geek!



“There is very definitive scientific evidence that God exists.  And then my question to you is, so what are you doing about it?” Amit Goswami.

If you’re interested in this definitive evidence or an eye opening look at human ethics and life in general, watch this edu documentary called “The Quantum Activist” on Netflix.

Btw, this is on my list of videos ever person in the entire world should see.


So hey…hey do it…hey…do it…watch it. Click it. Common….do it, do it.

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Yeah, yeah I know I made fun of Netflix a while ago via my  A Scary Halloween Tale – The Story of Netflix post.  I had a point. But I also said “You can’t debate that Netflix is a great idea.”


zài jiàn !

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