How to Say Goodbye to Inbox Stress

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Email is one of the greatest tools ever. It can connect you to family, friends and strangers around the world. You can work across any time zone, in any language. It like Superman, is as fast as the speed of light. Well, unless you’re clocking dial up speeds.

Email is pretty amazing when you think about it. (_|_), it’s also a huge hindrance to productivity.

When you need to get things done, it’s there. When you want to be left in peace, it’s there to remind you that it is still collecting to do’s and things.


Is that your phone or mine?


But there’s a secret power I want to share with you that helps alleviate the stress associated with your inbox. And no, it’s not to turn off your email notification sounds. You should have already done that a long time ago.

Are you ready for it?
It’s called the power of unsubscribing. In case this is a new term to you, Wiki defines it as “to cancel a subscription, especially to an online service.”

A huge part of your inbox stress has to do with all those super random newsletters and update emails you receive every day.  Updates from software, apps, websites, and companies. Notifications for comments, images, tweets and status updates. Not to mention the spam; which at this point includes a lot of uninvited email marketing propaganda.

Maybe you're okay with people wasting your time

Sure you can just click and delete it every time, since all it takes is a few seconds. Maybe you’re just okay with people wasting your time. But I have have a feeling your time is worth more than the seconds, turned minutes, turned hours these clicks add up to every year.

You've won a free trip

In context, every email that doesn’t require your eyeballs or any kind of reaction/call to action is pretty much like a telephone or door to door sales person. Everyone wants something. The question is, is it worth your time?

Do your brain and sanity a favor and hop on the unsubscribe and/or “spam” button bandwagon. You’ll be less stressed looking at your inbox(es), and you’ll be helping make companies and people more accountable for their content.

Say it with me now, NO! Unsubscribe or block that email.

It’s like learning to say no for the first time. Once you get the hang of it, it feels amazing. You just need to get passed the initial effort to get it done. Some companies/people make it harder than others (verifications, sign in etc). Once you do though, look out spam and spam-esque newsletters and alerts.  The relationship between your email address, wasted time and it are over!


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