Why you should set the bar at “legendary”

The things you do and say have a direct impact on the people around you.  If you’ve ever fallen in love with someone, an animal, movie, book, poem, dance, or joke, you’ve just proven this point.

Cool, calm and chaos 
You actually have a bigger influence on people around you than you probably think.  Here are some of the ways you are impacting others daily:

  • The quality of your work
  • The advice you give
  • How you react to something negative
  • Comments you make on websites
  • The things you retweet
  • The content you ‘like’ on Facebook

The things you click on and the emotions you convey in the moment, say a lot about you without you even saying anything.   

Nothing to see here folks 
Imagine a world where everything you have ever done or said was recorded into a personal public profile.  From birth until the end of time, the things you’ve done are how you will be remembered.  It isn’t that crazy now that generations are growing up on the internet.  In many ways, technology like the new iPad Air fingerprint sensor are leading to that direction; your genetic ID can be associated with your app and web activity.

People do change
Maybe this kind of transparency causes an adverse reaction in your gut like “Omg, I’m screwed because I’ve google’d some weird things.”  Let’s face it, we’ve all done things we wish we could take back.  Everyone loves a good transformation story.

Monkey see and monkey do
If you’re looking for some real life examples of people who know have seen their share of struggles to find happiness, the “I am Second” video series is epic. You’ll hear the stories of legendary people like Lecrae, Stephen Baldwin and Bethany Hamilton.

The legen-wait for it-dary point
You may just be a speck in time and have a history behind you not worth remembering, but what you do now actually matters; to you and the people around you. You impact what others think about, know and do, based on your actions, influence and words.  When you think about it, that means you have a direct impact on their destiny and happiness.  No pressure’ish.

Why spend your efforts on anything less than being legendary.  It’s never too late to completely change your attitude for the positive and actually live a legendary life.

What do you think would happen if we all made a diligent effort to be accountable for our own thoughts, words and actions whether people were watching or not?

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