Sheldon Cooper on How to Inspire Girls in Tech

Sheldon Cooper on Girls in High Tech. Photo via


How do you inspire more girls into high tech careers?  According to Sheldon Cooper of the epic show The Big Bang Theory, the secret is…


“Start early using high school programs.”


What’s funny is he’s right. Well the writers of the show are.

Luckily for the writers and Sheldon, there’s already an organization doing just that. And a lot better than  Howard Wolowitz and  Leonard Hofstadter did in the episode in question (Season 6, Episode 18 – The Contractual Obligation Implementation).

The organization is called It’s a non-profit run by a series of geeky ladies from Portland Oregon.

The purpose of the org is to:

  • Provide workshops with hands-on high tech experience.
  • Support and increase the confidence of girls and women.
  • Empower girls to see themselves as future leaders.
  • Provide networking and mentoring opportunities. Photos via


Their geeky chick-focused workshops include:

  • Designing Experiences – UI and Typography
  • Smartphone App – build an Android app
  • Website Design & Creation – build a website from scratch
  • Computer Construction – put together your first desktop
  •  Microcontroller – build and experiment with three microcontrollers
  •  Robotics – construct and program your own robot


For full disclosure sake, I volunteer my time with the ladies of  I am incredibly biased, but as you’ve just read, for a very good reason. It’s a worthy cause.

With that said, they need your help to make their programs even more epic.  And not just if you’re in the Portland Oregon area either, all geek chicks welcome.

So please..

Check out the website and share it –


Tweet about it! Twitter


Facebook “Like” it on Facebook



Other Ways You Can Help


  • Become a Mentor – Fancy yourself as a mentor to a girl who could really use your help and expertise? Submit your deets.
  • Internships – Bit of a career noob? Need some on-the-job training? Apply to one of the many internship opportunities.
  • Network the Idea – Present the concept to someone using this shared Google Doc presentation.


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Sheldon Cooper artwork via the increidbly talented geeks at Wilson Sketch Blog.
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