Why Skynet is Inevitable

Why Skynet is Inevitable. Image by CNC

I know this is something you’ve thought of before. Who hasn’t after watching movies like Robots, The Matrix and the obvious Terminator?  But have you really thought about it?

At this point, it’s almost obvious that Skynet is fathomable technology wise. We may not have mastered the hoverboard/hovercar just yet, but one thing we have learned to master is the integrated circuit.  If you’re not sold on this yet from your experiences as a human being, by all means you are going to want to read about the Technological Evolution; thanks to the kind people at www.LifeBoat.com.

Why Skynet is even a possibility, besides the captain obvious technology point,  is because life itself all comes down to trust and power.

  • Parent to child.
  • Child to teacher.
  • Employee to employer.
  • Boss to subordinate.
  • Partner to partner.
  • User to computer.

Trust is all about who is good and who is bad. Fundamentally that is.  And power, the decider of right and wrong.

Humans have a natural affinity for both power and trust.  A very serious case of love and loathe to be exact, especially on the Internet.  But why?  Quite simply, privacy.  It’s the middle ground inbetween the two.  It’s what we, the Internet hooligans/citizens, are always up in arms about. And also why online bullying exists.


What are we really Scared of?


Well if you have something to hide, then I can see there being an issue. There really isn’t any grey area around that unless you have an ‘online journal.’ But you can always use notepad, Word or a piece of paper to do that. So….


Yes, there are very real dangers. Like people selling our information to marketers, pushy pop up sales and scammers.  That’s a pretty horrible thing to do.  If they gave us the choice and a cut, do you think people would have a problem with it?

It all comes down to right and wrong. The balance of good and evil. It’s something we’ve been chasing for along time, from mythical vampires to dirty politicians.

I know, I know there’s a lot of factors involved, and some people  “just don’t want everyone to know their business.” But think about it this way:  No one would care about your business if you’re just doing the right thing and living a fruitful life.  There’s no reason to.  They’d only care if you were doing something bad, which in mainstream TV land is considered interesting.

Clarity can be Beautiful!

Trust and power

If controlled that is. With a truly open system, a scam artist couldn’t be scammy. Not if everything they did online was tracked. Which is the idea behind Skynet.

Btw, if you didn’t happen to watch Terminator or concerntrate that closely on the whole Skynet thing, here the full definition as per the Terminator 2 movie via an awesome blog called GoingFaster.com.

I know we all hate this thought because being 100% truthful scares us, but a Skynet like system makes sense logically based on the current direction of the Internet; a pit of every single thing ever created (bs, real or not). Like reality, we need order.  In the real world, we have order in the form of laws. They’re different for every country based on what works in the culture. The problem with the Internet is, we’re all within the same playground, a web user.  Right now someone who users the web for bad (say to learn how to build a bomb) has the same rights as someone who uses the Internet to share scientific findings.

Soon the consequences of this dis-order (like the wild west) with outweigh the benefits. And we’ll want people that use the Internet for bad to be punished. And people that use the internet for good, to be better recognized.

Is clarity in the system scary? Perhaps, but not so much when it drives us to do the right thing. It gives us a reason to.


The Cost and Benefits 

We could implement measures so we could all be more involved in the choices our governments make. Maybe then we wouldn’t mind paying taxes.  Especially if a percentage of our taxes went to something that we think is important.

A late breaking real life example: If you knew your country had a stripper Visa, so it could import foreigners to take their clothes off to music, would you pay taxes towards it?

Choice is awesome isn’t it?  But it can also be overwhelming, like the current state of the Internet. The web has turned the power of choice into more choices than we could ever fathom.  It’s pretty much a virtual version of the rainforest. It too is too numerous to count. It requires serious hacking and slashing to find something, aka systems, sorting and organizing.

So if the people choose collectively what’s good, bad, right and wrong, how it is tabulated fairly and safely?


Skynet via GoingFaster.com


Robots of course. 

Automation takes the power, trust and much of the mistake factor out of human hands, which is the problem I outlined at the beginning.

So imagine this collective, organized Internet with the power of positive consensus, minus all the smut, scammers and fraud.

It’s called Skynet.



Which begs the question, is our demise inevitable? And when do we start and stop trusting the computer process?

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