So You Want to be a Rockstar

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When you grow up, what do you want to be? When you were a kid, you may have answered a ‘doctor’ , ‘lawyer’ or ‘veterinarian.’  However, many of us wanted to be famous. More specifically a rock star.

Being a rock star has to be awesome….you get to party all the time.  You get fans, accreditation and free stuff.  You get to hang out with other stars, drive cool cars and get preferential treatment.

It was only till we grew up and picked other journey’s that the truth about being what it really means to be famous came to light.  And most of the time, it ain’t easy or pretty.

It can be down right rough to say the least. Not only do you almost never get a break, you get chased by the media. Hounded even. People expect you to be perfect. Like 110% meticulous.

And realistically, no matter how horrible your music is, the actual process to make it isn’t an easy one.  You have to do some serious studio time. Not to mention how long it takes to actually write a good song .  If you don’t plan to write your own stuff, now you’ve got the legalities to deal with of using someone else’s. More work.

Not to mention that fact that you’re no longer a human being, you’re a brand.

So my question is, if we knew at an earlier age that stardom isn’t the greatest thing in the world and mainstream media is driven my corporations, would we use our time more wisely?

If all kids hear and see is celebrities partying, going to special events and having ‘fun,’ then how are they supposed to know that it takes A LOT of actual hard work to be an artist?

Maybe, just maybe the truth is a good place to start. We know that kids are impressionable, so let’s provide them with a positive impression.

Here’s where I’d start… the PBS Frontline website.  They offer videos about current events, and topics we should all just know about (young and old), including the economy, the truth behind pharmaceutics, media and debt.  Here’s my favorite video that helps explain how mass media actually works. Please share this video with everyone you know, especially youth!


Digital Nation 


If you’d like to start down a rabbit hole about how mainstream media is manipulative and dangerous. Here’s a good place to start.



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