3 Ways to Inspire your Inner Hero

Do you remember how amazing it felt to run around and pretend you were a superhero as a kid?

My personal favorites included Wonder Woman,  She-Ra, Wolverine, and Jem.  Unfortunately as an adult, engaging in pretend battles and playing dress up became limited to Halloween and Comic Con.  So what happens to that creative make believe  side of you?

Well, other things became more important.  Chances are, all that’s left of superheros in your life now is a statue on your desk.  So my question to you is, if you don’t have a superhero in your mind, than who are you looking up to?

“Heroes are created as a great way to escape from whatever you need to escape from, and they can supply for you whatever you need” according to psychologist Richard Lustberg, PhD.

Real life heroes are just as important as the fake kind were when you were a kid.  They can lead you through questions about life, business, wins, failures, strategy, and creativity.  So how do you find a real life hero?


1) Google It 

Search the web for an outstanding mentor in your field. You can search terms like: “industry name” , “current title or desired title” , “company who excels in your industry”.  The best way to find out how to do something is to find someone already doing it.


2) Uncover their Incredible Powers

Find out what major news sites and industry blogs have to say about them. In marketing, I look to INC, Fortune and Harvard Business ReviewLearn about what drives them and made them a success so you can:

  • Re-review your goals
  • Figure out if you’re missing key attributes
  • Map out how you plan to get there


3) Follow the Leader

Figure out where they interact online and follow their content. If you can, engage them in conversation.   You can do this on sites like Twitter, Google + and Facebook, as well as their personal blog. Watch their videos, read their books, see what resources they look to and even better, see who they look up to.

Ayn Rand

As you get older and wiser, your heroes and mentors will change, but their purpose won’t.  Inadvertently, they will help you become your own superhero.


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