How to Tame your Inner Peacock

Are you setting a good example? via ChickTech


Are you making the right choices and setting a good example?

I was reminded of how important staying grounded and setting a good example are when I stumbled upon this music video today.



Now I don’t mean this young lady any ill will, but I don’t think her messaging is suitable for anyone who doesn’t understand that the lyrics and imagery are complete shit. You know, like impressionable youth who can’t see through the peacocking.

This video took me back to what it’s like to be a 16-24 year old again. It was all about beauty, fashion and being adored by boys.  All a part of the lucid dream the media portrays as the “rich life,” which magically involves partying but without any sight of actual work.  Something which is going viral on Twitter via Instagram; as pointed out by the Washington Post.

For me, that “rich kid” thought-process carried on as I grew up on mainstream media, which is directly related to all of our inner peacocks –  the whole money, power and respect thing.   What I didn’t personally realize then was, life is all about passion and action, so all that “stuff” I was wilfully consuming was molding me in the completely opposite way.


Here’s what you’ll learn listening to your inner peacock (aka tuning into mainstream media):


  • It doesn’t lead by example
  • It doesn’t lead you to set a good example
  • It won’t get you motivated about the future
  • It won’t set you up with a clear understanding of work ethic
  • It will put all the wrong ideas in your head
  • It is bullshit (pardon my French)


Now don’t get me wrong, I know it’s all my fault for wilfully confusing this horrible media. I chose my path.  But, it now gives me the right to debate what’s not a good way to go and why.


Here’s what you can learn from sobering your inner peakcock (aka tuning out mainstream media):


  • What makes people beautiful is what they’re passionate about. That shines brighter than any pimple on their face or hair missing from their head
  • If it’s not educational-based, it’s more than likely not helping, it’s harming (or taking valuable brain cells)
  • Physical perfection is a road that has a greater chance of leading you down a road of pain and suffering than purpose
  • Mainstream media, drama shows and fear mongering news are more than likely to serve as a distraction than a tool towards success
  • How you lead your life has a direct impact on those around you and after you (it’s called the Internet)
  • Judging people is merely a reflection of your own misgivings, not a discernment for their well being
  • Inaction is usually a consequence of fear, which is usually brought upon by stupid/evil people or someone important who’s giving you bad advice
  • Making a choice is the best decision you can ever make (stolen from Tony Robbins)

There are cases when these points can be flexed, like if it’s your career to do mainstream media market research, but as a generalization I KNOW I’m right.  And this is the imperative message we need to remind ourselves to stay level headed and make better decisions.


Take a few minutes to think about your impact in the world today:


  • Are you setting a good example?
  • Are you sharing something worth hearing?
  • Do you have a point or are you just peacocking?
  • Are you still striving to learn and get better?
Psstt.. Thank you for taking the time to read this. You obviously care about your future and well being.  Please share it with your loved ones as a reminder of how important they are to you.
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  1. My brother is a huge peacocker. He really needs to just turn of Jersey Shore. I’m sending him this… he better open it. 

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