Snail mail can reconnect you with the people you love

I don’t know anyone who isn’t busy.  There’s always something going on in life that keeps us occupied with new and interesting experiences.

New contract. Fixes to the house. Car repairs. Laundry. Cat to the vet.  Appointments. Dinners. Meetings. Last minute networking events. I  bet you’re a workaholic of some kind too.  Otherwise you’d be on a different kind of site consuming something more mind numbingly distracting or titillating.  But you’re hard core.  I’m right aren’t I?

It’s great to be busy, productive, feeling like you’re making a difference, setting a good example, and being in the groove. But… it feels equally as “ungood” to be disconnected from the people you love.  Be it your grandma, favorite aunt, cousin, mentor, old colleague, or best friend in another city.

I bet there’s some positive person in your life who you wish you stayed connected to. Wouldn’t it be nice to reconnect and say hi/thanks/I love you?

Don’t feel bad about the time lost, do something about it.  I challenge you to reach out to someone who you care about.  Lets’ get started with how I do it shall we?


   1)  Mission Supplies


  • Writing tools (paper & your favorite pen or an input device & printer)
  • An envelope
  • A stamp
  • 15-30 minutes of your time



2) Compile your Hit List


The world is ending, and you have only a few minutes left to talk to the people you love to say goodbye. Who do you call?  Besides GhostBusters, I bet a few names jump to mind.

Maybe you haven’t talked in a long time, but will it really take an end of the world situation to make you reconnect? (half sarcasm).

Start taking names. When you’re done, start getting mailing addresses together.   I didn’t have any at first either, so I 411’d it or bugged them for it directly.  No excuses.



3) What to Write About


“Oh ChickTech lady, it has been so long since I talked to this person, I don’t know where to start!”  Trust me, I feel you. You probably have more going on than you can put on a few sheets of paper.  So keep it light, friendly and personal like this snail mail template:

the real letter



4) Signed and Sealed


I don’t have to tell you how to drop a piece of mail off at the post office.  At least I hope not. But I do want to remind you about the importance of organization. This is a project after all.  So go ahead, and organize this like the rest of your important projects. I’ve included an example of my own below .

i love you project

         *info changed for privacy

Why save the date? So you can keep track of when you last connected. I recommend setting an alert in your web calendar/agenda too for when you want to reach out again.  And yes, you can keep the entire process on paper.  It’s just that much easier stored online (where you can’t lose it).  For personal flair, I try to paint a custom watercolour card for each person (as shown in its own column).

It’s the little things in life that mean the most. So go forth and inspire greatness in others…one letter at a time.

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