Best DIY Gift for Board Gamers

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Nothing says I love you more than a DIY gift. I’m not talking about a laser etched name plate, I’m talking about a gift that you helped put together with your own two hands. My friend Julie is incredibly caring. One of the nicest people I know.  This year I wanted to do something special for her that recognizes the humility of our friendship and the beauty of her heart. The things is, she knows how to take care of business, so there’s really no gift I could buy her that she can’t buy herself. So I’m getting her something she can’t buy with all the money in the world – her own Julie-inspired Tumbling Tower game (aka Jenga). Each block is penned/painted with a word that represents our friendship.  A movie we saw together, an inside joke, her personality and things I know will make her giggle.  Julie-Jenga As you can see, this can be as hard core or as crafty as you want it to be. Project Tips:

  • You can buy tumbling blocks from a Dollar Store ($2.50) or Amazon, use real Jenga or get super crafty and get the planks made (hardware store/a friend will a saw)
  • Use a scrap piece of paper to practice what you’re going to write (unless you have more than one set,you only have one shot)
  • If you plan to paint the blocks, use tape to mask off the sides (to avoid spillage)
  • If you’re really horrible at writing with a pen, try stencils
  • Instead of lovely dovey messages, you can write jokes, hide a secret message or turn it into your own game

This is just one example of a crafty heartfelt gift.  Maybe your Dollar Store doesn’t tumbling blocks, but there are plenty of other things you can customize (puzzles, frames,chests etc).  Here are a bunch of really amazing Dollar Store gift ideas for your consideration. If you’re a regular reader of ChickTech you may have seen my post about creating a customized USB. The point is, gift giving should be about love, hope and caring. Not one where we let corporate agendas, our ego or the availability of debt dictate what love means. You come into the world with nothing and you leave with nothing.  What you do while you’re here to impact others is the only thing you can leave behind.

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