We’re killing the planet and it’s not what you think

Car exhaust, oil sands and landfill gases are the reasons we’re told the planet is suffering.  But, that’s not the whole picture. There’s something else you need to know.

The documentary Cowspiracy explores the untold and devastating impact of animal agriculture on the planet.

Yes, our love of meat is killing the planet. As a meatatarian, this devastates me,  but not as much as the truth does that our consumption is literally devastating the planet for future generations.

Cowspiracy unveils shocking facts like:

Cowspiracy via http://www.cowspiracy.com

Cowspiracy Facts by http://cowspiracy.com/

You can catch a revised cut of the documentary on Netflix, which was executive-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

You must watch this documentary.  I insist.  Every human being should be forced to watch this.  Pick the Red Pill (download/buy/stream it).

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