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Nature is truly amazing, even the creatures we may never get to see in person…

Deep in the ocean where not even submarines and unmanned deep dive vehicles can go, lives the species that inspired the Alien movie franchise.

Past 1,000 feet below sea level, where the sun rays no longer shine, thrives the Phromina. An innovative creature that hunts for pray in hopes it can use it as a host.  Just like the Xenomorphs in the movie Alien, the Phromina’s biological life cycle includes violently implanting itself and its offspring inside living hosts. Whether they too erupt from the chest of their victim, remains unseen.


The Phronima is a small, translucent deep sea hyperiid, closely related to amphipods (crustaceans).  To the common eye, it resembles a mini shrimp — with a similar head, eyes, jaws and clawed arms.  The Phronima is truly alien in nature and instinct.

Phronima Amphipod. Photo via



Be an Alien

With a Phromin’s’ good sight and impressive claws, the 2.5 cm (0.98 in) long predator can take down creatures double its size.  When pray is found, the Phronima and her newly developed pink offspring cuddle up in the belly of the host.






  • Nature is truly amazing, even the creatures we may never get to see in person
  • Despite the environment or conditions, nature never stops relenting
  • Nature is a realistic cookie cutter mold for organized chaos and its beauty
  • Good ideas can come out of just about anything
  • You don’t need to know everything, but it’s nice to switch things up now and then


Contributed by Cathy S. Writer geek. Mom. Extraterrestrial good at fridge organization.

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