The Secret to Being a Successful Writer


The secret to good content and becoming a successful writer is to write when you feel it, and keep writing even when you don’t.

That’s it.


If you were hoping for some magical Harry Potter style formula or some secret sauce, you’re on drugs.  And you should stop.  We both know that if you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way. That’s the only way.


Need some inspiration?


Just check out these amazing, inspiring and relentlessly passionate folks:

J.K. Rowlings – of Harry Potter book fame. Now this chick can write.

Guy Kawasawki – He’s a marketing and product whiz who wants to make the world a better place.

David Allen – He’ll help you organize the mess going on in your head and on your desk to Get Things Done

Steve Jobs – He’s more than just the Apple guy. He’s a visionary. He’s also well known for sucking at presentations to revolutionizing how others do it.


Looking for some inspiring ladies? How about these chicks who rule the world…literally.  Not to mention this fellow Huff.


Find someone inspiring for yourself based on what it is you do. Like these folks for me:

Brian Clark of copyblogger fame.  If you like keeping it real writing, you’ll heart Brian and Sonia’s work as much as me. Sign up for the newsletter here.

Smart Shanghai – I don’t have to be in Shanghai to love what and how this guy writes. His style blows my mind.

The Next Web – Cool tech and gadget news without the pretentiousness.


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