The Truths about Cyber Wars

Cyber Warfare

At a time when our lives are dominated by email, social networking, and other resources made possible by the Internet, the thought of losing it all in a matter of seconds is enough to make ones head cave in. What me worry? you say. Well there’s a rising trend that is capable of making that happen. It’s called cyber warfare.

Cyber warfare may be a new and emerging trend but nations have discovered that to really inflict pain they need to turn away from physical attacks, and really hit them where it hurts by going up against the technology relied upon by governments.

Typically cyber warfare is inflicted on a government by its people, or by other nations. The idea is that by overloading government systems with data and viruses, the technological communication systems will collapse. Shaking in your boots yet? Well you should be. It might sound like another scare tactic like the Y2K all over again, but cyber wars are real, and they’ve already already done some serious damage.

In 2006, Estonia was shut-down from a technological standpoint when a series of attacks impacted their email communication systems, financial systems and even their most important media outlets.

Cyber warfare is a great tactic to use today – unlike physical battles where one side of the opposition might be holding a gun to the other’s head, cyber wars are discreet and often untraceable. They really do hit ‘em where it hurts too, with all industry and business relying upon the Internet to operate, time can virtually stand still after a cyber war.

Though your information might not be pertinent to any country’s national security, keep yourself safe by keeping your private info private, and do your part to keep your country safe by not falling for any lame online scams or fraud. Trust me, the e-police are busy enough.

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Written by Chick Tech Writer Beth Hodgson



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