In Universe News: The Sun Reaches Half Life

The Sun - Sketch by


Captain Kirk: I need more power.

The Sun: I’m at warp power!


The sun is an awe inspiring sight. As amazing as it is, it has an expiration date.  Yes, the sun too is born dying.  Right now it’s nearing its maximum power phase of life, which means over the years it’s been putting on bigger and bigger shows.

Don’t take my word for it though, here’s a video time-lapse of the sun from 2007  to 2012.


Random science thought: Part of the reason for global warming  (besides our industrial stupidity) could be that the globe is warming because the sun is at warp power.  Either way we’re all going down one day.

Do you know what the means for the Earth?  Armageddon for humans and most known creatures. But could something happen even sooner? You’re going to want to read this too (opens in a new window).

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