Top 4 Business Card Faux Pas

1) No email address
In the year 2013, people use email. Whether you like it or not, that’s just how most business communication happens.  Much like the telegraph was for the Morse code, email is the new telephone.

All you fellow hard cores know, in this day and age you should be reachable via work phone, cell phone, email and Skype.  Even WhatsApp.

2) Yahoo/Hotmail Email Addresses

It will be automatically assumed that if you don’t have a company email address (, you either don’t work for that company or your company is shitty.  So, if your card shows @yahoo or @hotmail, you better be an employee of those companies.

And I’m not just talking about Fortune 500 company employees either, you too freelancers. Company/custom email addresses only!

If you need help setting up your email domain, you can do it any number of ways as shown in this resource -


3) No Website
How are people supposed to remember who you are and what your company does without a website? Think about it. The whole point of giving out a business card is so people will remember you so they can work with you (if not right away, some time in the future).

Do not link to a coming soon page, in construction page or anything with little to no information. If your website is horrible, provide a link to something that makes you look good (Pinterst account, Flickr page, Facebook page, Linkedin account).


4) Card Quality
If any information on your business card is out of date, get new cards. Do not scratch it out.  Do not write notes.  Do not stamp your updated details on the back. Get new cards.  We both know they cost about $20-$50 for 500. Isn’t the thousand/million dollar deal more important than saving the cost on some new cards?  Ahem, carded.


Here’s a ChickTech special recipe for the perfect business card..

  • Minimum 80 lb paper weight (stock)
  • Text legibility (typography is your friend)
  • Full name
  • Company name
  • Job title
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Website

Need some help creating a kick ass business card? Get inspired with these stunning business card designs.



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  • Jason Liaw

    Wonderful, thanks for this. I am currently deciding on a business card. What advice do you have for freelancers/hobbyists who do not want to include their only personal cell number on the card? Do I have no choice in the matter?

    • Chick Tech

      I didn’t notice this, sorry! You can include whatever information you want, .The key is to make an impression and have a clear call to action.