How your Business Card can Create a Lasting Impression

Top 4 Business Card Faux Pas


Is your business card as memorable as you?

At an event, how you act, look and what you say make up the all important first impression.  If you don’t completely muddle those up, you have an opportunity to land the equally as important lasting impression – the exchange of business cards.

Here are 4 ways to ensure your business card creates lasting value:


4) Card Quality

Is your business card in pristine condition?  Does it feel firm in your hand? Is the paper made of an interesting texture or printed in a way that makes it stand out? Does it convey the pride of an       [insert your  job here].

If the answer is no, you need to stop right there and get that sorted.  To all the business card offenders out there, and I know you are, here are clear signs you need to get new cards: Your information is out of date; scratched out; consists of handwritten notes: or even worse is updated using a stamp on the back, it’s time to get new card.  Isn’t that new business relationship more important than saving the cost of some new cards?  Ahem, carded.


3) Phone ###-###-#### Only

In the 21st Century, people use email.  Much like the telegraph was for the Morse code, email is the new telephone. It’s faster than calling, less intrusive than text, and seemingly instantaneous.

Having a phone number isn’t always enough either, especially if the person only likes to connect via email (or Skype, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and WhatsApp).  Opportunity lost! It’s commonplace to be reachable in a million other ways (half enthusiasm).  If you do list it on your card, make sure it’s an account you keep current and actually use.  Does it make you look cool, interesting and professional? That’s a good benchmark.

Remember, your business card isn’t about you, it’s about creating a impression with the person you’re handing it to.


2) The @ Email Addresses

The email address on your business card should be reflective of your position and social stature.  If a big corp business rep contacted you with “” , it would instantly seem fishy, not to mention the opposite of professional.

Whether you’re working at a Fortune 500 company or are a freelancer, you should be using a company or custom email addresses…. only!  If your card shows an @yahoo or @hotmail account, the general assumption will be: 1) you are an employee at one those companies 2) you don’t have a job or 3) you don’t have the ability to create @ custom email address (like this:

You can fight me on this all you want, but stubbornness aside, this is about building a platform for success by creating a lasting impression.  It’s the only way people will take you and/or your business seriously.


1) To Website or Not to Website

How are people supposed to remember who you are and what your company does without a website? Think about it. The whole point of giving out a business card is so people will remember you, learn more about you and contact you.  If not right away, some time in the future.

The website you link to should be a reflection of you. The things you want people to see and know about you.  This can only be done by linking to something legitimate.  If not, you’ll instantly lose all business cred immediately. The same goes for a coming soon page, in construction page or anything with little to no information.

Unsure of what website to use? If your personal website is horrible, provide a link to something that makes you look good. Like your Pinterst account, Flickr page, Facebook page, or Linkedin. You can be whitty about it and change it based on seasons and editorials you’ve written for blogs and news external sources.


Special Recipe for the Perfect Business Card..



  • Minimum 80 lb paper weight (stock)
  • Text legibility (typography is your friend)
  • Full name
  • Company name
  • Job title
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Social Account

Need some help creating a kick ass business card? Get inspired by Google’ing inspiring ideas.  Here are some stunning  ideas to get you started.



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2 thoughts on “How your Business Card can Create a Lasting Impression”

  1. Wonderful, thanks for this. I am currently deciding on a business card. What advice do you have for freelancers/hobbyists who do not want to include their only personal cell number on the card? Do I have no choice in the matter?

    1. I didn’t notice this, sorry! You can include whatever information you want, .The key is to make an impression and have a clear call to action.

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