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How to Turn your Washroom into an Idea Factory

Geeky gadgets don’t always have to be electronic.  Some of the best things in life aren’t in fact.  Like Coke slushies, mountains and Nanodots to name a few of my favorites.

The epic gadget that will turn your washroom into a bona fide idea factory actually came out of a problem a lot of us humans have.  You’re in the shower doing your shower thing, and BAM, an idea hits you.

Now you could stumble out of the shower and run to get a notebook, whilst throwing on a towel, dripping wet. I’ve tried using a notebook while soaking wet, and it’s just not a good solution. It would be okay if your paper ended up looking like a pirate map, but it doesn’t.  I’ve also tried using my iPhone as a midst-shower note taking tool, and it is just plain slippery.  $700 worth of slippery.

So what do you do? Stop having ideas, duh. OR, use a cool water friendly way to write down your ideas in the shower.

 1) Scuba Dive Underwater Writing Slate

Dive Slate image by

Dive Slate image by

A super simple way to get ‘er done is to buy a Scuba Dive Underwater Writing Slate.  Here’s an example for under $10.  And yes, the concept as shown above is as simple as it looks. And if this bad boy can stand up to the ocean, your shower will be no problem at all.  Plus explaining what it is to people is half the fun. “Oh that’s my scuba dive underwater writing slate. You know, for recording epic ideas in the shower.”  Holy unique batman.


2) Aqua Notes

aqua-notes for writing in the shower

The cool people at My Aqua Notes have come up with a water friendly paper-based method to jot your notes down whilst getting your shampoo on. Basically it’s waterproof paper that is totally recyclable, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. The writing tool? A simple pencil.  If you even remember what that is. Plus, If you’re keen to stay in the shower, they’ve come up with a mazes and word puzzles version.  A great plan if someone’s rudely banging on the door ;)


3) Erasable Marker

erasable marker in the shower

I haven’t tried this myself but apparently you can use a standard erasable marker and crayons on your shower walls. It sounds fun, messy and a bit dangerous if something goes wrong and you write on the wrong surface. Either way, a great tool for your shower idea arsenal.


All in all, the ability to write in the shower is legen-wait for it, I’m still rinsing-dary.  Don’t lose a good idea because you don’t have a method to record it. We both know you’ll forget it if you don’t WRITE IT DOWN!

Btw, I can’t take all the credit for this of course. I stumbled upon these options thanks to One Man’s Blog.

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4 thoughts on “How to Turn your Washroom into an Idea Factory”

  1. PS: I just discovered that they make a glow-in-the-dark scruba pad as well. Not sure how long it would hold a “charge,” but I for one have most of the best ideas at 4 am when my partner is fast asleep. Or it would be good for you freaks that take showers in the nude, lest you see your own naked body for an instant and turn to stone.

  2. Brilliant. And also – a GREAT gift idea if you have a fellow great thinker that is difficult to shop for (serious, I’ve purchased the boy four different types of rubix cubes..he keeps solving them!)

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