Why You’re Not Happy and How to Get Happy

Why Your Life Probably Sucks


Ever wonder why you feel so down all the time? There’s probably a whole bunch of reasons compiling, and I’m betting on they have to do with these 7 “things.”

1) Cynicism
Are you your own worst enemy?
tend to be suspicious and mistrustful of others, a character trait that scientists refer to as hostility.


1) Cynicism
Cynics tend to be suspicious and mistrustful of others, a character trait that scientists refer to as hostility.  This hostility can influence how you react to other people, particularly how your perceive their motives.

How does this thought process make your life suck? Essentially you’re own thought process makes you your own enemy.  Need help? Here are 12 pointers to help stop you from being cynical.


2) Lack of Life Meaning
Do you wonder what you’re put on this earth to do? People with high purpose readily derive meaning from and make sense of the events of their lives, and likely engage in behaviors and activities that they deem important,” according to researcher Patricia Boyle of the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago.

So what about people who aren’t really sure about the meaning of their life? Who better to ask than Oprah. She went from poverty to making history. Click here to read her guide on finding the true meaning to your life.


3) Fretting
People who get stressed easily, panic, worry, get depressed and are neurotic die sooner than their non-fretting counterparts.  You may think you have to fret to get everything done you want/need to, but you really don’t. Life is all about the journey my friend.

The best way to get rid of this type of stress is to know what’s causing it and to find a solution for it. Here’s a good place to start.


4) Lack of Self Control
Late for appointments? Can’t keep your desk organized? Have zero self-control around food? These seemingly benign qualities could take a toll on your health. If it’s not helping, it’s harming.  And that’s not good for someone as awesome and important as you.

What’s causing your feeling of lack of self control. Find out here.


5) Anxiety
General anxiety can stop you from doing the things you want, including your future career and goals.  Don’t let anything stop you. Especially you.

Don’t let anxiety and fear hinder you one more day, check out this list of tips to help you stop feeling anxious.


6) Gloom and Doom
The gloomy, inhibited person is not just at a disadvantage socially, but also physically. This means it isn’t just your brain that’s pissed off, it’s you whole immune system.

Here’s a plethora of articles on eHow about how to stop negative feelings.  One step at a time!


7)  Stress
I’m sure we’ve all heard by now that stress kills. It’s proven that workplace stress can even increase your chances of heart disease, flu virus, metabolic syndrome and having high blood pressure.

Check out a video by Tony Robbins containing the secret tips on how you can stop yourself from stressing out.


I am not a self help professional but what I can say is, I give a crap about you and your well being.  Life shouldn’t suck….at all, or at the worst, more than it’s good.  So please take care of yourself and fix your own issues so you can do whatever it is you’re on the planet to do.  As soon as you can recognize and understand your own feelings, you can’t start making changes (small or big) to better your life.


“Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday and all is well. ” John T. Tindsley


Read more about making yourself even more awesome here  (the article that inspired this post).


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