The idea behind “Witricity”

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The idea behind “Witricity” is that you don’t need wires to charge or use common technologies, like your iPhone or laptop.

Maybe even you’re hair dryer if you still use one of those things. ¬†Instead there’s a unit that sends out waves to your device, in a way that doesn’t harm you.

The idea started a long, long time ago by a man named Nikola Tesla. A true genious way beyond his time, so much so that almost everything he did was shut down because it was just too innovative. The same deal behind why we don’t have electric cars yet. Thanks again Bush family….you greedy bastards.

Luckily, the world (or those powers at be) are ready for it. This technology is finally popping up in the tech mainstream, like on Gizmodo, Fark and Ted.

Even if still only in concept form at this point, we’re very close to a technology that could change the world.

The people that came up with Witricity explained it a little better than me, so here’s a good video about it:

This is epic people!  Learn more at the official Witricity.





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