WTF is Pinterest?

Pinterest. It’s a place where you’ll see a lot of pretty pictures based on any subject, people or thing you want to see.

It’s a prettier and more open way to display Tumblr feeds. The architecture of the site is a lot like Twitter. You can follow your friends and cool strangers, all the while commenting up a storm.


Here’s a quick overview via video:



It’s a pretty simple concept, ‘Pin’ an image on a web page by using their bookmark button on your browser or paste the URL in question directly into a pane on their Pinterest website.



The Low Down

The benefit – You get to see hundred of beautiful things, people and places.

The downside – It’s basically a HUGE distraction.


Here’s my take on it..

If you’re in any kind of social media / marketing position, you basically HAVE to use it. Why? Well the same reason why you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and every other social media platform. It’s a platform to reach people. And let me tell you, it reaches people. The site was launched in March 2010 but has most recently climbed to the top 50 websites by pretty much every country. In Canada alone it’s 33. Beating out CNN and PWN!


Here it is in all its glory. It really is a beautiful site, showcasing lots of beautiful things. But you’ve been warned about your spare time.  It reminds me of the money episode of South Park, ‘”and it’s gone”….your time that is. Which as you may know equals money. Just saying!


pinterest-cover-story via


Happy Pinning folks.




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