Why Attitude Makes All The Difference

Sometimes I don’t have the right things to say at the right time, so I’m post-less. You may have noticed that lately.  Thankfully they’re are tons of people in the world who aren’t. And their words are inspiring enough to go around.


Successful people feed their minds with positive ideas. They read and listen to ideas that help to build a foundational belief system that empowers them to take action, to chase their dreams, to live their best life. They attend seminars and webinars to learn more, to soak up new ideas, to continue to seek an edge.

They fuel their actions with positive beliefs and positive expectations. They read, listen to, and study things that empower them. In a world that consistently provides you with messages that reinforce fear and scarcity, positive and empowering ideas and beliefs are the antidote.

You are exposed to both positive, empowering ideas and beliefs and negative, disempowering ideas and beliefs. You decide which you allow to infect you.


What are you reading right now? Does it support positive and empowering beliefs, or is it something designed to produce fear and scarcity?

What are you listening to when you drive to work or exercise? Is it something that helps produce the positive beliefs outcomes that flow from holding those beliefs? Is it something that gives you some new knowledge that will help you produce new and better results? Or are you listening to the 332nd news report that the fiscal cliff will end your world just as the Mayan’s predicted?

When was the last time you bought, read, listened to, or attended something that was designed to fuel your personal development?

If you want better results at work, improve you.  If you want better results at home, improve you. If you want the life you dream of, work on changing you. You are the common denominator in each and every one of these areas.

Buy a new empowering book or improve your skills in some area. Are you too busy to read? Buy an audio book.

Take a course that’s designed to change your beliefs, and open yourself up to the changes. It’s healthy to shed old beliefs and try on new ones. It’s how we grow. When was the last time you dropped a limiting belief and picked up something more empowering?

Whatever you put into that 3-pound, pinkish-gray meatloaf of yours is what comes out. Put good stuff in, good stuff comes out. Put negative, fear, and scarcity in and guess what comes out?

Inspiring folks like Zig, Rohn, and Covey have all passed on. They’ll be missed. But you’re still here. Why not become a carrier of something positive? Why not be a force for light in a world that’s full of plenty of darkness?

It’s always good to be reminded of what’s really important before life reminds you.



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